Good News! PCDA initiates implementation of the Rank Pay Verdict by the Supreme Court

Govt. of India notification on rank pay case:

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31 thoughts on “Good News! PCDA initiates implementation of the Rank Pay Verdict by the Supreme Court

    • i am an retired corporal in the year 1993 and cir no 427 says i am entitled to draw the pension of 17 yrs this cir is given separately to corporals only then my bank is paying me pension of 15the yrs and they say we pay as per latest cir of actual qualifying service, but the circular no 427 says to be paid on par with 17 yrs service and no dicrimination should there pl advice.

  1. it is known that rank pay arrears for the serving officers will be paid with Jan pay slip , i request and suggest that the same priority should be given to retired officers and widows whose necessalty is more then serving officers

  2. i have sent the requsite documents by registered post as desired pcda PUNE a month before may i request to confirm the receipt of my dcuments i have sent the following dcuments also
    (a)PPO. LPC issued at the time of retirement, (b)details of rank held during 86 to 96, (c)leave encashment details , PAN card copy, Bank details with copy of cheque book plrase confirm the receipt ofthe same My particulars are as under No SL 1735 CDA A/C No 118843, SB A/c nO 5671 vIJAYA bANK dOMLUR, bANGALORE 71

  3. Our Honble defence minister announced in the news paper on 27 Dec stating that this will be implemented the next month that is Jan 2013 it is more then 0 days no news about thiss when i contacted at AHQ Delhi they are also stating that they are also waiting for the implementation orders which is xpected shortly I beieve that as per finance minister statment that he has asked all the deprtment not to spend any amount till this financial year to show the nation that our deficiat is only 5.2% GDP

  4. I retired on 31/10/1991 in the rank of brig. Rank on 01/01/1986 – colonel. What will be the financial implications after court verdict.

  5. As per infomation rank pay arrears will be paid to serving officers alosng with Jan pay slip confim Arrears for retird fficers will be pain by middle Feb onwards . Plese let us know the progress and how to check

  6. sir urgent/priority
    for kind attention RDOA
    When i enquired with PCDA(O) i was infrmed that they are not in a position to pay my rank pay due to non availability of my IRLA and they asked Army HQ MP5 some information and they also have sent the information required vide serial 662 dated 14Feb 2013 . Further i also have sent all the information required with authority of Army HQ Pt II orders and gazate notification number of my rank . Inspite of all the information i was told by CDA(O) that they cannot pay now and they have asked clarifiacatin from government regarding such cases how to fix the pay . CDA(O) know very well that some officers IRLA have been destryed and as such why they were keeping quite without taking any decision to pay the rank pay for such cases . I believe that there are many more officers whose IRLA is not availble . May i request RDOA to take up these cases for early payment . I want to bring this to the notice to Army HQ wh is also responsible to cooopt with CDA(O) for early payment .CDA(O) to take urgent decision on such cases and pay the arrears . Subsquently ot will delay the process for fixing the pnsion also

  7. U R Kamble 25 march 20:30 pm
    Sir, I retired on 01 sep 2000 in the rank of Major.
    My date of commissioned 22 jul 1982,and date of
    Capt substantive 22 jul 1986.Please inform whether i
    eligible for court verdict.


  8. Instead of asking each affected officer to submit documents like PPO, Leave encashment, details of rank held, PAN Card and bank details, CDA(O) and PCDA must work out from their database held and make payment to all affected officers. I am sure database of all officers whether serving or retired is held by CDA(O) and PCDA. It is the system which must work to benefit all and also to ensure correct and full implementation of the judgement of the Apex court.

  9. why PCDA is not rep;ying to our enquiry , It gives the impression that they are not bothered about retired vetrans or PCDA do not know how to reply, PCDA shoud wake up and do the proper job to pay the rank pay by May or please resign due to your inefficicant work

  10. pcda(o) sleeping for 48 hours instead of 24 hours , wake up do your job efficiently by paying the rank pay arrears . Inspire of government orders dated 20 May 2013 the arrears due to those officers hose IRLA is not available with CDA has not paid . it is lack of coordination amongst MOD and CDA(O)

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