First Woman Fighter Pilot of India!

India has a woman President. India had an ironlady late Mrs Indira Gandhi as its Prime Minister. Ms Mayawati is the Chief Minister of the most populous state. Another dynamic woman is the ambasador to U.S.A.  Chanda Kochhar is the CEO of the ICICI Bank. Women in India have always moved shoulder to shoulder with men. Our rural ladies form one of the largest workforces of the world. But something is missing! What about the Indian Women Fighter Pilots! Sadly, there has been no provision by the Govt. till date for having the lady fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force (or the Indian Navy), one of the frontline air forces of the world.

Have you heard of the living legend Svetlana Kapanina of Russia who is  a  stunning blonde andhas been named the Best Pilot of the Century!

Do you know that even more than 66 years before, the Russian Air Force had nearly 1000 women fighter/bomber pilots and many of them were the hot-rods?

Even Pakistan Air Force had inducted women fighter pilots few years back. But why cannot the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy have the women fighter pilots or at least give this idea a fair trial! It is an irony that India is called a ‘liberal democracy’ whereas Pakistan is a ‘conservative muslim country’.

Do we need the likes of Madam Sushma Swaraj to implement this simple thing!

Rani Laxmibai is a great historic woman-warrior icon of India.

Dr Padmavathy Bandopadhyay was the first lady Air Marshal of India. So  who will be the first lady in India to fill the honours of being the ‘First Woman Fighter Pilot of India“? There is not even an iota of doubt that one day this has to happen; the only question that remains is ‘when’?

Queen of Jhansi, Rani Lakshmibai

First civilian woman Suman Sharma from India in the cockpit of F-16 Super Viper

First Indian civilian woman to fly in  MiG – 35

“Nowadays there’s nothing that men can do that women can’t.”                                                                                                                            Svetlana Kapanina, the Queen of the Sky

Lieutenants Lilya Litvak (left) and Katya Budanova (center) shot down a combined 22 kills before both of these fighter aces in turn were killed in vicious dogfights.
The first Luftwaffe aircraft to be shot down by a woman, a Ju 88 Fighter-Bomber, was achieved in Sept. 1942 by Lt. Valeria Khomyakova (2nd from right).

Ambreen Gull First Female Fighter pilot Of PAF

Shoulder to shoulder with men.

 It’s a profession of passion. One has to be extremely motivated. I love flying. I love to fly fighter jets, to do something for my country that is very unique 

 PAF are giving us this chance on an equal basis. It was really a bold step that the Pakistan Air Force has taken in recruiting lady fighter pilots 

                                                                                                                                            Nadia Gul

Response to “First Woman Fighter Pilot of India!”

  1. Ragini Nair November 16, 2011

    An article with vision. It is high time that women are given a chance to become fighter pilots in India. If women of so many countries including our neighbours can achieve this feat, why can’t Indian Women do it.